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Mobile Sanitation Service for the Birmingham Area

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Sanitation is not simple.

Plus, traditional cleaning is rarely effective.

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No More Risk

Traditional cleaning is time-consuming. Even then, it's only 40-60% effective at properly sanitizing and protecting the people in your space from harmful bacteria and viruses. So the days of sprays and wipes are done.

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Time to Upgrade

Technology has changed, so should you. It's time to bring in the experts. Our fast sanitation process uses hospital-grade, electrostatic technology to bind to all surfaces. Plus, it's immediately safe to walk back into the space.

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Peace of Mind

After our brief process, you can enter the space again immediately. Take back you peace of mind knowing germs were eradicated and your space is protected for five days.

safety is your priority

It's More Than Clean

Proper sanitation is more than just an item on your checklist. It's proof you prioritize the safety of your employees. Show the world how serious you are about protecting their health with our Germs Erased! certification.

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Why This Works

Traditional cleaning is ineffective, and you need to keep your space safe for your community. The solution is advanced, disinfectant fogging from Germ Erasers. This non‑toxic method covers all visible and hard‑to‑reach areas and kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

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Medical Facilities

Cover every aspect of medical care and safety for your staff and patients.


From elementary to college campus, you need to keep your students safe.

Corporate Offices

Clean workspaces decrease liability and increase peace of mind.

Residential Homes

Come home to peace of mind and a healthy home for your family.

Retail Spaces

Protect your employees and your patrons with a safe space.

Event Venues

Be the #1 choice for your clients and show them safety is your priority.

Manufacturing Lines

Expand safety precautions to cover not just accidents, but sanitation too.

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Our clinic has Germ Erasers come each week to disinfect. They do a fantastic job and make our staff feel comfortable working in our office." - Dr. Hamilton -

Dr. Hamilton

Birmingham Physician

Germ Erasers keeps us protected from the unknown. Their team of professionals cares about their customer's wellbeing.


Office Manager

I appreciate you guys getting to us so promptly. It allowed us to continue without any interruptions to our normal schedule.


Cahaba Tractor